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Virtual and Augmented Reality for companies

Playcube by Webtek conceived by a team of professionals operating in the fields of Virtual and Augmented Reality. We started out as enthusiasts and we ended up as virtual reality professionals and creators of 3D digital content, developing AR, VR and Metaverse projects for companies and brands from any sector. We have the technologies and creativity to give life to your products, recreate imaginary scenarios, simulate realistic situations, show the result of a project, stir emotions in your audience. Your company beyond reality.


Augmented &

virtual reality

Designing immersive experiences for companies and events

AR – Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality allows us to overlap dynamic and interactive content with reality using smartphones, tablets, 3D visors and mixed reality visors, with multiple commercial, technical and marketing applications.

VR – Virtual Reality

Thanks to Virtual Reality, we can simulate real situations you can experience first-hand through visors and VR cabins. Be involved in unique and interactive experiences, whether it is for sales, education or entertainment purposes.


We accompany companies in the Metaverse through tailored business-oriented solutions on the main existing platforms.

3D Modelling

We specialise in the 3D design of products, objects, environments or living beings, creating graphic effects and customised animations to recreate existing scenarios or show imaginary situations or projects.

customised solutions



Customised virtual projects

Besides the resources and technological infrastructures to access the VR and AR world, Playcube by Webtek has the expertise to design, develop and implement branding and communication projects revolving around the 3D Reality based on companies’ and entrepreneurs’ needs.


Benefit of the experience with Webtek, which is a web and creative agency based in Valtellina since 2008 and specialized in supporting local, Italian and international companies, designing and implementing projects for them in the fields of marketing, brand image, development and innovative technologies tailored to their needs, we are able to design and implement for you projects of:

  • integrate AR and VR into e-shops;
  • create catalogues of interactive products;
  • develop apps for gaming and sweepstakes;
  • create strategic communication and marketing plans;
  • design new solutions and communication channels.


Contract of sale

or rental

Rental of tools and spaces equipped for virtual experiences

Approved fixed VR cabins

We have law-approved fixed VR cabins to make you enjoy immersive experiences within technological environments, which can be integrated with any use context and widen the exhibition area available.

Approved mobile VR cabins

We are one of the first companies in Italy to have mobile VR cabins. These cabins can be moved anywhere to make you enjoy VR experiences during events and exhibitions and be entertained in a unique and unforgettable way.

Portable AR and VR kits

We provide companies and professionals with compact briefcases containing everything you need to experience virtual reality. Portable 3D visors and state-of-the-art technology to make your business events highly engaging, increasing your sales opportunities.

Live solutions

We provide state-of-the-art technological solutions for live streaming events and concerts through virtual reality. An immersive experience that will make you feel like you’re sitting in the audience even if you’re not physically there.

fields of application



How to use AR and VR for your business goals


  • Virtual training and Learning-by-doing
  • Simulations of critical cases

Industry 4.0

  • Piece design before prototyping
  • Online meetings in a virtual environment

Real estate

  • Design of buildings and interiors
  • Real estate sale

Tourism e culture

  • Virtual tours of places and cities
  • Virtual tours of museums and artworks


  • Augmented reality product testing
  • Creation of virtual showrooms


  • Rehabilitation with virtual reality
  • Reduce patients’ stress during procedures

case studies

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Some of the projects realized by Playcube by Webtek

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